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    6 Monate

    Lerne 15 Stunden/Woche und beende den Kurs in 6 Monaten.

  • Kursvoraussetzungen
    Advanced programming experience required

    Gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift

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In Zusammenarbeit mit

  • Bosch
  • Electric Movement
  • iRobot
  • Kuka
  • Lockheed Martin
  • MegaBots
  • Uber ATG
  • X-Befe

Was spricht für dieses Nanodegree-Programm?

Robots are enhancing productivity, safety, and efficiency across whole industries—from manufacturing and healthcare to agriculture, construction, and transportation. In the process, we are being freed to pursue more creative, ambitious, and intellectual achievements. Incredible new opportunities are emerging, but they require specialized skills. This program will teach you exactly what you need to know to join the new generation of engineers who are changing our world for the better by leveraging the power of robotics to extend our capabilities in innovative and beneficial new ways.

In 2019, spending on robotics and related services will hit
$135.4 B

Powering Positive Change

Robotics is transforming our world, making manufacturing and transportation safer and more efficient, providing healthcare solutions that never existed before, and freeing us to build with our minds as well as our hands. The field of robotics is impacting a growing range of industries and this program is your chance to be at the forefront of the next generation of engineers powering the positive changes that robotics is now making possible.


New Career Opportunities

This program enables you to develop the unique skills and experience you'll need to join the transformative industry of robotics. Through the hands-on projects you build, you'll develop a portfolio demonstrating your mastery of the core principles of robotics. Demand for roboticists with job-ready skills is growing fast, and this is your opportunity to both invest in your own future, and contribute to the betterment of everyone's future.

Lerne von erfahrenen Experten

Sebastian Thrun
Sebastian Thrun

Gründer, Udacity

Scientist, educator, inventor, and entrepreneur, Sebastian led the self driving car project @ Google X and founded Udacity, whose mission is to democratize education by providing lifelong, on-demand learning to millions of students around the world.

Chris Lei
Chris Lei


Curriculum Lead for the Android and Android Basics Nanodegree programs at Udacity, Chris is inspired and humbled by all who embrace computing as a medium to realize their dreams. He holds an M.S in Embedded Systems and a B.S in Computer Engineering.

Ryan Keenan
Ryan Keenan


Ryan has a PhD in Astrophysics and a passion for teaching and learning. He is also one of the lead instructors in the Self-Driving Car Nanodegree program. When he’s not building Udacious robotics lessons you’ll find him up in the mountains or out in the surf.

Catherine Gamboa
Catherine Gamboa


Catherine Gamboa has an M.S and B.S. in Electrical Engineering with concentrations in Digital design and computer architecture. She is also one of the instructors in the world-renown Georgia Tech Masters of Computer Science program.

Daniel Reuter
Daniel Reuter


Daniel is driven to advance global electrification and energy efficiency through automation. He directs internal and external robotics and self-driving car projects. In his spare time, he plays lead trumpet in several jazz bands.

Brandon Kinman
Brandon Kinman


A graduate of UC Santa Cruz with B.S/M.S in Computer Engineering, Brandon has a true love for learning. He has worked for a number of companies, and has pursued interests in a variety of diverse areas ranging from robotics to coffee roasting.

Harsh Pandya
Harsh Pandya


With a Masters in Robotics & Computer Vision, Harsh has worked on various aspects of robotics; from mobile robots and manipulators to Self-Driving cars. When he is not planning for world domination using robots, he can be found enjoying video games.

Thomas Johnston
Thomas Johnston


Thomas holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from UC Davis. His areas of expertise include simulation of multibody dynamical systems, bipedal robotics, and applied machine design. He works as a robotics software engineer at Electric Movement.

"When it comes to moving robotics projects from conceptual design through prototyping, manufacturing, and production, we have real-world experience, and we're excited to bring this to Udacity's virtual classroom as we teach tomorrow’s engineers the philosophies and skills they’ll need to build the robots of the future."



  • Why should I enroll in the Robotics Nanodegree program?

    The field of robotics is growing fast and the demand for engineers with the right skills far exceeds the current supply. This program represents a unique opportunity to develop these in-demand skills. We are partnering with the best companies in the field of robotics to offer in-depth curriculum, expert instructors, and exclusive hiring opportunities. You will come out of this program having completed several hand-on robotics projects, both in simulation and on real hardware, that will serve as portfolio pieces that demonstrate the skills you've acquired. This is an ideal program for anyone seeking to launch or advance a career in this incredible field.

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"Uber ATG is actively seeking roboticists who share our excitement for the new age of autonomy, and have the skills to build it with us. We've been blown away by the talent we've seen from Udacity's programs, and we're looking forward to meeting this new generation of robotics engineers."



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